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Terms and Conditions of Membership for English
Article 1 Members
1. A “Member” refers to an individual who agrees to these terms and conditions and has been accepted for membership in accordance with the procedures set forth by the Company.
2. “Member Information” refers to the information about the Member’s attributes disclosed by the Member to the Company, as well as the Member’s transaction history and other information.
3. These terms and conditions will apply to all Members and must be complied with during and after the registration procedures.
Article 2 Registration
1. Membership Eligibility
Customers who agree to these terms and conditions and submitted the designated membership application are eligible to become a Member following completion of the designated registration procedure. The person who will become a Member is required to perform the registration procedure. It is not permitted for a proxy to perform the registration procedure. Membership applications from persons whose Membership eligibility has been cancelled or who are otherwise determined by the Company to be unsuited may be rejected.
2. Input of Member Information
When performing the Membership registration procedure, please thoroughly read the points to note for input and accurately input the necessary matters in the designated input form. Special symbols, old-style kanji characters, and Roman numerals may not be used when registering the Membership information. If any of these characters are used in the registration, the Company will change them.
3. Password Management
(1) The password can only by used by the Member and may not be transferred or loaned to a third party.
(2) It is the Member’s responsibility to manage the password, such as by changing it regularly to avoid it being learned by other people.
(3) Any indication of an intention made to the Company using the password will be considered an indication of the Member’s intent, and the Member will be fully responsible for any payments, etc., arising therefrom.
Article 3 Changes
1. The Member will promptly notify the Company if a change occurs to the Member’s name, address, and other matters reported to the Company
2. The Company will not be responsible for any damage caused by the failure to change the registered information. In addition, even when the registered information is changed, any transactions conducted prior to the change registration will be processed based on the information prior to the change registration.
Article 4 Withdrawal
If a Member intends to cancel membership, the Member is required to personally complete the withdrawal procedure. The membership will be cancelled when the designated withdrawal procedure has been completed. The Personal Data will then be deleted in accordance with the privacy policy.
Article 5 Loss of Membership Eligibility and Obligation for Compensation
1. In the event the Member made a false statement when applying for membership, the Member fails to make a payment for a mail order purchase, or there are grounds for the Company to deem the Member to be inappropriate, the Company may cancel membership eligibility.
2. If a Member engages in any of the following acts, the Member will be responsible to compensate for the resulting damage suffered by the Company.

(1) Illicit use of the membership number and password
(2) Obstruct the business of the Company by accessing the homepage and altering information, transmitting harmful computer program to the homepage, or other means
(3) Infringe the intellectual property rights of the products handled by the Company
(4)Otherwise violate the provisions of these terms and conditions
Article 6 Handling of Member Information
1. The Company will not disclose Member Information to a third party without prior consent from the Member, in principle; provided, however, that in the following cases, the Company may disclose Member Information and other customer information without prior consent from the Member.
(1) When disclosure is required by law
(2) When the Company deems it necessary in order to protect the Company’s rights, interests, reputation, etc.
2. The Company will manage the Member Information in accordance with the Company’s Initiatives for Protecting Personal Information. The Company may use the Member Information at the Company for the purpose of providing services to the Member, improving service contents, promoting the use of the services, and ensuring the sound, smooth operation of the services.
3. The Company may provide information (including advertising) to Members through a mail magazine and other means. When the member does not want to receive the information, if the Member notifies the Company to that effect in accordance with the procedure designated by the Company, the Company will suspend the provision of such information; provided, however, the provision of information necessary for the operation of the service may not be suspended based on the Member’s preference.
Article 7 Prohibited Matters
In regards to the use of the services, Members are prohibited from engaging in any of the following acts.

1. Violate the laws and regulations or these terms and conditions, points to note when using the service, and points to note for making purchases through the service or other terms and conditions
2. Impair the rights, interests, reputation, etc., of the Company or other third party
3. Engage in an act that may have an adverse impact on the physical or mental well-being of young people or other act that is contrary to public order or morality
4. Engage in an act that will cause inconvenience or discomfort to other users or a third party
5. Input false information
6. Transmit or write harmful computer programs, e-mails, etc.
7. Illegally access the Company’s server or other computer
8. Loan, transfer, or provide the password to a third part
9. Other acts the Company deems inappropriate.
Article 8 Discontinuance or Suspension, etc., of the Service
1. In order to maintain good operational status of the service, in the event of any of the following, the Company may suspend all or part of the provision of the service without notice.
(1) When it is necessary for regular or emergency maintenance of the system
(2) When a load is concentrated on the system
(3) When operation of the system becomes difficult due to a fire, power outage, or hindrance by a third party
(4) Otherwise when the Company deems it necessary to suspend the system for unavoidable reasons
Article 9 Change or Abolition of the Service
The Company may change or abolish all or a part of the service as appropriate at its own discretion without prior notice
Article 10 Exemption of Liability
1. The Company will take no responsibility for the discontinuance, delay, or suspension of the system or loss of data due to a failure in the communication line or computer for damage caused by unauthorized access to data or for other damage suffered by the Member in relation to the Company’s services.
2. The Company does not guarantee that the mail contents sent from the Company’s webpage, server, domain, etc., do not contain a computer virus or other harmful data.
3. The Company will take no responsibility for any damage caused by a violation of these terms and conditions by the Member.
Article 11 Revision of the Terms and Conditions
The Company may revise the terms and conditions at its own discretion, as well as set forth provisions supplementary to these terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Supplementary Provisions”). The revision or supplementation of these terms and conditions will come into effect when the revised terms and conditions or Supplementary Provisions are posted on the Company’s designated site. In that case, the Members will comply with the revised terms and conditions, as well as the Supplementary Provisions.
Article 12 Governing Law and Competent Court of Jurisdiction
In the event of a dispute in relation to the terms and conditions, the district court that has jurisdiction over the location of the Company’s head office will be the exclusive court of jurisdiction in the first instance.